The Dockside Restaurant

June 21, 2014

In only a little more than an official calendar year, The Dockside Restaurant at the Seneca Lake Marina has made it's presence known. Dockside, after exploding onto the scene last spring, continues to impress visitors to the lake.  

This should not come as a surprise to anyone as Dockside is run by the same management team led by the charismatic "Annie B" from the hugely successful Point Family Restaurant and Pub in nearby Cambridge, Ohio. Seduced by the Seneca lakefront, Annie B's team is currently looking at their options concerning the sale of the Point Restaurant so as to shift their entire focus on Dockside.  

Don't let the potential sale of the Point Restaurant fool you into thinking that Annie B's team is even remotely letting off the gas.  Pushing the pedal to the metal, Annie B's team is continually innovating and creating opportunities wherever they can.  The most notable of these innovations is Annie B's Hometown Cooking and Catering.  This line of Annie B's business, consisting of 4 mobile kitchen units, is, largely, familiar to local residents, having proudly served these residents for 8 years.  

Recently obtaining a 3 year lease in regards to concessions on the shores of Seneca Lake, the team has placed one of the mobile kitchen units on the Seneca Lake Beach in order to fulfill the needs of beachgoers day in and day out.  The team has also moved to make Annie B's signature Hometown BBQ Sauce more available.  Jump over to the Dockside Restaurant's official website and Facebook page to keep abreast of the very latest coming from Dockside.  


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